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Melissa Hickson
Director & Founder
Prime Residential Property Management, Melbourne
3 Jun 2019


Melton property located in Weir Views leased in 5 days!

Prime Residential Property Management have securely leased this brand new four bedroom family home in Weir Views in just 5 days! Also securing this landlord a 24-month lease with an inbuilt rental increase for the second half of the tenancy. 


Video transcription:

Hi guys, Melissa here at Prime Residential. So we have had a great result for this owner. We’ve had a property that we listed on Thursday. We opened it for inspection on Saturday. We then leased it on Monday.

So five days on the market effectively. We had five applications that come in for this property and we have other great applications actually, that obviously missed out on this property, but the tenant that we put into this home has signed for a two year lease, with an in-built rent increase, and he can’t wait to move into his new house.

With the right marketing technique and the right photographs, we managed to get this property leased in five days. So we need more properties within the Melton, Melton South, Weir Views, Brookfield area because we have no stock left in this area. And we have people looking for property in this area as well. So a two-year contract leased in five days. This owner is wrapped and we are also really excited to give this tenant a new fresh start in his life as well. If you have any questions feel free to get into contact with me and hope that I can help. Bye!




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