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Prime Residential have secured this tenant in Hoppers Crossing for 2 years and 2 months, so that the property does not sit vacant over the Christmas holidays!
Hey guys, Melissa here at Prime Residential. I’m just here doing a condition report, getting a little bit wet. My hair’s a little bit frizzy. My makeup’s a little bit smudged, but that’s OK. I’ve got these guys moving into the property in Birchwood Boulevard tomorrow. These guys have actually signed up for this property for 26 months. So, we signed them up for two years and we also signed them up for an extra two months, meaning the owner doesn’t have a vacant property over Christmas. So it’s all about being strategic for our clients to make sure that we maximize their investment property. So I’ve just spent all morning doing this report. These guys are gonna be ready to move in first thing tomorrow morning, ready for the Christmas break. So again, if you have a property that you need leased before Christmas, get in touch with me and I would love to help. I’m gonna go make a run to the car because, as you can see, it is bucketing down in Melbourne. So, have a great day!