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Melissa Hickson, the Director and Founder of Prime Residential Property Management, explains some tips on how you can secure the best tenant for your rental property in a heavily competitive rental market.
Hey there, guys, it’s Melissa here at Prime Residential. So every owner is going to want the best quality tenant for their rental property. So how do you, as the landlord, compete with all the other rental properties in your local area to get that best tenant? So one key is to make sure that your property manager is in open communication with your applicants. Now, if your applicant hasn’t heard from the agent or they’re not being communicated with, they’re simply probably going to take another property and you’re gonna miss out on that ideal tenant. So not a great situation for you as the landlord if you want the best tenant. You need to act quickly. So your agent needs to communicate with them. They need to make sure that they acknowledge that they’ve received the application and obviously get in touch with them if there’s anything that is missing from their application or anything like that. A lot of it also comes down to gut instinct. So a lot of high-quality tenants present their application well, they present well, they’re on time, and they’re really personable and easy to deal with, with the agent. So make sure that your property manager makes this process easy for you so you don’t miss out on that best tenant. Have a great day. Let me know if you have any questions.