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Prime Residential shows how we secured this owner, the best tenant possible by holding out for the right tenant, and securing a 2 year lease term for them at a higher price point.
Melissa here at Prime Residential. Hope everyone’s having an amazing day. Just a really quick video, I just wanted to jump in here, and give a little bit of a success story for one of our clients. This landlord who’s actually moving back into state, and he was wanting an amazing tenant at, obviously, the best price possible, in the quickest amount of time. What we did is, we had quite a number of applications on this property, located in South Melbourne. We had quite a number of applications on this property, and we actually held out for the right tenant. We didn’t just put anybody into the property. As a result, we’ve actually got an amazing couple that will be moving into this house tomorrow. We’re just here doing the condition report this morning. They actually offered an increased rental on the property. We actually ended up getting this landlord an extra 25 dollars per week than what we were asking for rent, which is amazing. And we also managed to get him a 24-month lease, instead of a 12. We’ve actually made this landlord 2,600 dollars through this lease agreement, purely because we had quite a number of applications on it. These guys were quite keen, and they were happy to pay an increased price. So it’s a win-win situation, for the tenants, they’re here for two years. They’re happy to pay the increased rate, and they’re really super excited about moving in tomorrow. Obviously, the landlord is ecstatic. He’s really happy that he’s got an extra 2,600 dollars in his pocket, and he doesn’t need to worry about his rental property for two years, ’cause we’ve got a fixed-term lease in place. So, a great, great result for us. I’m going to enjoy some sunshine, you can see an amazing view behind me there, which is great. I’ve just finished the report. I hope everybody has an amazing day. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or if I can help you in any way. Take care, bye.