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This is one of our happy tenants that Prime Residential have helped move from overseas into their new home. Prime Residential are proud to help our tenants with the smooth move in process. Hear how we have helped our tenants in this situation.
Okay, guys we’re just here with Mohammad Mohammad is collecting some keys today for a property in Truganina, He’s just moved over from Dubai. So, Mohammad just let me know a little bit about how you found your experience moving to Australia, and finding a rental property. – We just got our keys for a beautiful house here, and we are really thankful to Melissa she really helped us. And, we came here just a three weeks back, and tried to find a home, at this time of time. At this time of year it was really difficult to find a home. Because it’s Christmas, and new year, and every bodies going to leave, on leaves, Whenever I was going to a property management or to look for a house, they say that they are going on leave and that it’s not available, January, you have to come in January, so but Melissa really helped us, she worked on the weekends for us, she showed me the property on Sunday, and she, I’m really thankful to her. And she’s really nice, and very cooperative. And she really helped me a lot, and as a family we are really happy. The areas really beautiful, the house is really nice and clean, and we are really happy for that. – [Melissa] Wonderful, and you were actually looking for a property in a different Suburb, weren’t you? So we, put you into a family suburb, which is a little bit different to where – Yeah you were originally looking for, so it’s got a nice park around the corner for you kids, and you can settle down here, and you know, have a nice, quiet routine and peace. – Yeah, fortunately, they are really fortunate, I mean I was looking for a house in a different area, and I didn’t know about this area, because we are new here, and just came from Dubai. And, Melissa really found a beautiful house and very good suburb area, that’s really nice and beautiful and a new development. And we have a park just outside, for the kids to play in, and plenty of parking spaces, and quiet place, and yeah it’s really beautiful. – [Melissa] Wonderful. Well thank you so much, good luck with your move and thank you so much!