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Melissa Hickson, Director of Prime Residential Property Management discusses some tax time tips for investors about getting a good accountant.
Hi guys. Melissa here at Prime Residential, back again with another tax time tip. My tip for today is this really really simple one. It’s just to make sure that you have a great accountant. So as an investor, your accountant needs to understand how you need to maximize your investment property. Your investment property needs to be run like a business. Your accountant must be in a position to be able to educate you on how to make the most out of your investment property. It is our role as a property manager to look after your investment and to give you guidance and point you in the right direction. But as your accountant, this is an… really ser… super serious important role. They need to make sure that your investment is working for you, and get the most money and put it in your back pocket. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or you need a referral to an amazing accountant, as we have so many that we work with and we would love to put you in contact with. Take care. Have a great day.