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Melissa Hickson, Director of Prime Residential talks about some tax time tips for investors to ensure that they have deprecation reports.
Hi guys. Melissa here at Prime Residential, coming to you with another tax time tip from the sunny surfer’s paradise. So my tip for today is to make sure that you have a depreciation schedule done on your property. So what that means is that this is an independent report that’s conducted on your home, that is then given to your accountant to make sure that you maximize the depreciation on your property. So this is super important to make sure that you are making the most deductions as possible to be able to put more money in your back pocket. So it’s something that you can actually claim before the end of the financial year, if you have got it done before June 30th. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s tax time tip. Take care.