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See how easy it was for Dijana, to move into her brand new Melton family home!
[Interviewer] Your new in Melton West today, – yes – [Interviewer] just let me know a little bit about your experience with Prime Residential and how you found your moving process? – Oh fantastic. Very, very easy, surprisingly so. I didn’t believe it was gonna be this easy and I got the house that I wanted, Melissa went above and beyond customer service. Very easy, too easy actually. I’m very very extremely happy, very appreciative. – [Interviewer] Wonderful, well thank you so much, and good luck with your moving in on holiday, – Thank you so much. – [Interviewer] and we’re doing a moving today on Boxing Day, so – Absolutely, see how easy, Boxing Day. Shopping day. – [Interviewer] Yeah, we’ll go to the shops and – yes – [Interviewer] And get some stuff for your new house, hey. – Thank you very much – [Interviewer] No worries, thank you, Bye. – Thank you