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See how Prime Residential Property Management helped this tenant secure their new home without being in Melbourne to view. Prime Residential Property Management have used their technology and innovation to secure this tenant before they arrived in Melbourne.
[Mel] Okay guys, I’m here with Troy, Troy has just collected some keys, for his new property in St Albans. Troy just let me know a little bit about your experience with Prime Residential, and how you found the tenant selection process. – Flawless, Mel you’ve been amazing, it’s been really, really easy. It’s been over Christmas a really busy time, stressful time for me, but Mel’s made it really, really easy to do, and I’m moving in. – [Mel] Amazing. – Happens like that, yeah it was really really good. – [Mel] Amazing, so you guys hadn’t seen this property, so what did we do? We did a video call? – Yeah, we did a video call and Mel was very through, enough for me to go, no worries I’d like that place. Yeah it was great, she covered absolutely everything, answered all my questions, went to a room, back to a room, back to a room when I asked questions. It was really, really good. – [Mel] Amazing, good luck with the move, and hope it all goes well. Thank you so much. – Thank You.